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EWIS - Target Groups 1 & 2 - Continuation


This course is specifically designed for students who fall within Target Groups 1 & 2 as defined by AMC 20-22, namely qualified staff performing EWIS maintenance & qualified staff performing maintenance inspections on EWIS and who have previously completed an EWIS Initial Course. Those who have not completed an EWIS Initial Course should do so first and then complete a Continuation Course at least every 2 years thereafter.


All modules required by AMC 20-22 for Target Group 1 & 2 personnel are covered as follows:-

Module A: General Practices
Module B: Wiring Practices Documentation
Module C: Inspection
Module D: Housekeeping
Module E: Wire
Module F: Connective Devices

The course is fully compliant with AMC 20-22. Each Module has an associated multiple choice exam which must be passed prior to starting the next module.

Your course certificate is automatically issued following course completion.

NOTE: This online course is Theory only and does not cover Module G practical.
  • Module A - General Practices
  • Module A Exam
  • Module B - Wiring Practices Documentation
  • Module B Exam
  • Module C - Inspection
  • Module C Exam
  • Module D - Housekeeping
  • Module D Exam
  • Module E - Wire
  • Module E Exam
  • Module F - Connective Devices
  • Module F Exam
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: 2 years